VFX to the Max with TyFlow!

With Simone Nastasi

TyFlow, the revolutionary plugin for VFX and Motion Graphics

Tyflow, the Workshop

A live stream class on our online platform (Webex by Cisco) with Simone Nastasi, 3D Generalist.

In this 2-days, 8-hours class we’re gonna use Autodesk 3DS Max along with TyFlow in multiple case studies:

  • disassemble/reassemble objects in a procedural way
  • cell splitting
  • surface force
  • knitting
  • growth on surface
  • particles logic: a simple switch
  • softbody methods

These case studies are oriented to both VFX and Motion Graphics, and they aim to let the students have a comprehensive and practical knowledge of TyFlow.

TyFlow is a free plugin created and actively developed by Tyson Ibele that allows to create outstanding, stunning animations and images.

The class will be divided in two consecutive days, streamed for 4 hours each day with a small pause in the middle.

We’re gonna dig deep on TyFlow operators, learn tricks and shortcuts, and we’re gonna go beyond the particles – TyFlow added a bunch of extremely useful and powerful modifiers as well!

CLASS DETAILS: Lessons will be streamed using the Webex Meeting platform. After registration to the class you’ll receive a payment confirmation through Paypal. The day before the lessons we’ll send you an email with a link to the Webex Meeting room.

During the Live this workshop will be registered. The video will be available  for 48 hours after the Classes.

start dates

November 7 and 8, 2020
from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Time Zone Rome Italy


8 hours
2 lessons (4 hours per lesson)
E-Learning Live Online

available places


live Review

You will have a personal review with the teacher




- 3Dsmax 2018/2021
trial or student is ok
-Tyflow plugin is free
-Webex account (free)


Because TyFlow has been a little revolution in the vfx and motion graphics world, in the last year.

If you’re into VFX, motion graphics or a bit of everything, like every generalist, knowing TyFlow will improve your productivity and allow you to reach results that were near to impossible before, in an unparalleled artist-friendly way.


Every 3d artist out there wants to learn how to use a brand new set of tools, using the most innovative plugin for Autodesk 3D Studio Max in the last years, with practical lessons and workflows you can use on your everyday 3d work.

The Teacher: Simone Nastasi

He’s a 3d artist since more than 20 years, starting in ArchViz and becoming a 3D Generalist in London, working for clients like BBC, Sony, Audi, Dyson, London Olympics 2012.

Nowadays he’s a freelance 3d generalist.

LinkedIn profile:


Day One (November 7)

  • The software UI and its main operators
  • Basic scene to warm up: physx destruction
  • Surface force and particle force: the ram skull scene
  • Growth on surface: control scattering and growing of any object on surfaces
  • Knitting in minutes: how to quickly obtain a procedural knitting system using a few operators

Day Two (November 8)

  • Particles logic: a simple switch

  • Assemble/Disassemble scene: the TyConform modifer, custom properties/set target operators, how to “debug” our flow with Display Data operator, rule based behaviour, procedurality: one flow, infinite possibilities

  • The “Cell splitting” scene dissected: Cloth, bindings and some scripting. Smart usage of clustering, Set Target, conform particles surface, TySelect modifier and TyMesher object
  • Softbody methods: Cloth, Physx particles, Physx volume

No, it’s a live stream on our e-learning platform.

We start from square one about TyFlow.
You’ll need a bit of knowledge about 3dsmax.

Yes, you’ll be entitled to a review by the teacher at the end of the class.

Yes, you’ll be entitled to a review by the teacher at the end of the class.

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